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exhibitions and workshops

Picture from Burnby Hall Gardens

Tuesday 27th March - Saturday 5th May

Burnby Hall Gardens

An exhibition celebrating the Golden Jubilee Restoration Project at Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum so far. In summer 2016 the Gardens was awarded 634,800 of funding to restore the beautiful Edwardian Gardens, find out more about this exciting project funded by National Lottery Players. The Heritage Lottery Project is running until Summer 2019.

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Picture from Cheese & Wine Painting Club

Thursday 10th May at 7.30pm

Cheese & Wine Painting Club

Enjoy an evening of sophisticated relaxation with Cheese and Wine Painting Club. From overalls to canvases, paint to paintbrushes, we've got you covered. Simply turn up after a long day at work, grab a glass of wine and a paintbrush and discover the artist within you - create your own VAN GOGH masterpiece.

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