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Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews spent over nine months of 2017 on the road, with multipletrips across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Thatís nothing new for Andrews, though. Sheís been touring relentlessly since leaving her Arizona hometown at 16. Itís a life that inspired much of her 2017 breakthrough album, Honest Life. While that albumís themes spoke to the isolation and rootlessness inherent in a life on the road, most of its songs were actually written during an intentional, extended break. The success that followed its release, however, didnít afford her the same break to write the material for her new album.

Although May Your Kindness Remain was predominately written on the road ó in the van, in hotels, and in the homes of family and friends ó itís not a road record like its predecessor. That is, itís not so much inspired by her life on the road so much as it is by the people sheís met along the way. In the end, the album finds Andrews at home in her restlessness, embracing her intuition. It has stretched her vocals, her sound and her songwriting to new depths and produced a brave record ó a record that is unafraid ofaddressing the complexities of life in order to find common ground and understanding, no matter how divided this world may seem.
#1 UK Top 40 Americana Albums Chart
#1 UK Top 20 Independent Albums Breakers Chart
#5 UK Top 50 Independent Albums Chart
#12 UK Top 40 Vinyl Albums Chart
#58 UK Top 100 Albums Chart

ďMay Your Kindness Remain confirms Andrewsí rise. Itís a brilliant record, proof that old forms can still be timeless.Ē ★★★★★ The Guardian