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Events for Saturday 11th of November 2017

East Riding Artists

East Riding Artists warmly invite you to this exhibition. Our theme of ‘Mixed Messages’ has been carefully chosen to allow us to show off our talents in widely various and imaginative ways. The works show a wide range of media and subject, which we hope will delight and inspire you.

Peter Heaton

Over the past eighteen months I have spent many days walking in the Yorkshire Wolds trying to connect the idea of an inner landscape with the reality of outer ones.
The images produced for this project overlay layers of text, which relate to thoughts, ideas and observations made during this time, over black and white images of the distinctive Wolds landscapes .

The Text layers in the images are key and function on several levels, often the words used to describe aspects of a landscape can also be use to describe feelings or mental states, isolated, harrowing, edgy, inacessible, whilst our obsession with the weather is dominant in all the images, set fair, clearing rain, overcast. The limits of a photograph are tested, as events happening outside of the frame, and indeed the time frame of the image are referred to , white noise falls soundlessly, kites soar out of view, a smell of rain in the ears… the structure of the composition and indeed the media is explored, distance flattened, a Wet Colloidan glow, extreme cropping. Whilst the issues of our stewardship of the countryside and access to it, are integral, hedgehogs still missing, a pattern of refusal, agitation necessary.

The unique Wolds landscape has not been immune to the effects suffered across the county as a whole due to intensive farming methods, increased pollution and population growth. There has been a consequent drastic decrease in the numbers of some species of birds, animals and butterflies which were previously common sights in the Wolds grasslands. Between 1972 and 1996 Skylarks have declined by 75%, Curlews by 64%, many previously common species of butterflies such as the Dingy Skipper and Brown Argus and Green Hairstreak are now extremely rare and seldom seen in the Wolds. The water vole population in the Wolds has dropped by 90% percent due to the intrusion of American Mink.

There are twenty pieces of work in the project, they are printed as limited edition prints, size 66cm x 44cm, on Aluminium Dibond material.

10 am – 1pm

Carrotsmash One-Off Writing Workshop: Stylish And Moody

Suitable for writers of all abilities, this fun ‘One-off’ session is a great way to meet fellow writers and is an excellent way to get inspired to put pen to paper! We’ll take a look at how some of the published Greats work with atmosphere and mood - and maybe do a little style modelling ourselves. If you’re new to writing, be not afraid: each of the workshop activities is designed to be accessible and fun, even if you’ve never put pen to paper before. If (and only if) you feel brave enough, you may be invited to share your responses in a supportive group atmosphere. Ali Cargill is a published author, with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (Distinction).



Shed Seven

It’s been 16 years since Shed Seven’s last record, but fans can now look forward to the release of their highly anticipated album later this year. To support the forthcoming album, ‘The Sheds’ will embark on their largest ever UK tour in December with an exclusive preview show here in Pocklington. The indie band, known for hit-singles like ‘Chasing Rainbows’ and ‘Disco Down’ will play classic songs along with new material.