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Events for Wednesday 21st of November 2012


Thea Gilmore - Sold Out

We are lucky to have musicians like Thea Gilmore, musicians that want more from themselves and more from music than some pre-formed, whistle-friendly cud, something to chew on but never fully digest. Thea Gilmore is a real person tackling the sort of issues real people deal with every day, only, unlike the rest of us, she tackles those issues with an utterly beautiful voice and songs that touch on folk, jazz, rock and Americana. Not for no reason does Bruce Springsteen buy her records, do artists ranging from Martha Wainwright to Mike Scott seek to collaborate with her. Not for no reason does Tom Waits’ celebrated percussionist Michael Blair appear on Murphy’s Heart, Gilmore’s tenth album – one that follows a sustained period of artistic and critical success.

Unarguably one of the finest singer-songwriters of her generation’ The Times