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Events for Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Burnby Hall Gardens

An exhibition celebrating the Golden Jubilee Restoration Project at Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum so far. In summer 2016 the Gardens was awarded 634,800 of funding to restore the beautiful Edwardian Gardens, find out more about this exciting project funded by National Lottery Players. The Heritage Lottery Project is running until Summer 2019.


The Yesterday And Tomorrow People

A new and original theatrical experience, devised, developed and performed by Pocklington Arts Centre's very own Wolds Wonders Drama Group adults with learning and other disabilities. The theme is time travel with a difference. It involves the group discovering something like a time machine, by accident (more akin to Alice in Wonderland than Doctor Who). As well as a Wolds Wonders' view of life hundreds of years into the past and the future, you will be captivated by some original songs, humorous drama, exciting dance and the joyful exuberance of the players.