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Bee Happy!

25 June 2021

We’ve been a hive of activity – and not just because we are preparing to reopen our doors to the public and welcome back our audiences!

It’s because we’ve installed a beehive on our roof, alongside our solar panels and a small rooftop garden, with the aim of trying to do our bit to help save the bees, reduce our carbon footprint and support the local environment.

After moving in four weeks ago it was time for our new residents to have their first check-up by our resident beekeeper Paul Jennings.

Paul, who is also chair of our duty management team, got kitted out in this full beekeeping bee suit to protect himself from the hive of bees who were expected to be a little unhappy about being disturbed after settling in.

But Paul explained that regular check-ups are essential for the health of any bee colony.

He was on the look-out for any unwanted predators, such as the Asian Hornet, and signs of disease such as Foulbrood or Farroa which can be extremely detrimental to the future survival of a hive.

Despite not sticking to the script, by producing honey at the top of the hive and baby bees in the bottom of the hive where the Queen resides, we are happy to report that all our bees are happy and healthy.

After some essential maintenance and a tidy up we are looking forward to seeing how our hive develops in the coming weeks.

Bee Fact File
  • 13 bee species have been lost since 1900, and another 35 are on the threatened species list.
  • The changes in seasonal weather are causing problems for bees in finding food and places to nest.
  • 97% of our vital grasslands have been lost in the past 60 years, meaning bees have lost some of their most precious habitats.

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Bee Happy!
25 June 2021


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